Infographic – Is video driving sales for your business?


Online video in marketing can be used in so many ways to better engage your audience to ultimately drive sales.

Video can be used as a personal message, it’s an opportunity for a viewer online to meet you before actually meeting you.  This can be great for a message from a founder for fundraising or even a sales team.  Seeing that person in video gives the viewer a much stronger connection than just reading about them, the viewer can gain insights into their personality and start building trust.

Peer to peer video content is a huge deal for Intuit.  Nothing beats words from a happy customer of yours to someone considering your product.

Share the customer journey! This can easily be done in a product launch.  Don’t just show us all the features, instead show us through simple, yet creative story telling how the product improves the user’s life!

I could go on… those are just some of my favorite uses for video in marketing.  Video truly should be engaging your audience on the next level and ultimately driving sales.

The numbers attest to the power of video.