I wanted to share some of the photos I took while I was recently down in Tijuana.

Mexico-2013-364 Mexico-2013-239Mexico-2013-367 Mexico-2013-418Mexico-2013-503 Mexico-2013-496Mexico-2013-479 Mexico-2013-468

Every day when we would drive back to the campsite in Redondo Valley we would pass an elderly gentleman sitting in a field with a few cows.  Day after day he was still there.  He looked like a really interesting character and I wanted to know his story.  On the last day I went with a friend that was fluent in Spanish to see if he was still there.  And of course, he was.  He said his name was Juan and he was very kind and willing to talk to us.  My friend asked if I could take his picture and he replied by apologizing that he was not very handsome.  After I took a few shots we asked him more about his life.  It turns out he is 84 years old and he has lived in Redondo Valley, in between Tijuana and Tecate, his entire life.  He raises cattle for milk and then sells them for beef.  When he’s not milking the cows he sits in the field all day.  This way he can keep an eye out for predators and make sure nobody steals his cattle.   In fact, he often he watches the cows while he sits crouched on the ground like a child.  At 84 years old! Occasionally he will take his cattle across the street to feed on their grass if his fields are running low. He told us that he didn’t make very much money but he agreed there are better things to life than money.Mexico-2013-533Mexico-2013-534


Matches • Personal Project

I feel extremely fortunate that my profession is also my passion.  It’s important for me to take some small breaks from running a photography/video business and just have fun with it.  This morning I had some spare time so I decided it would be fun to take macro shots of matches burning.  It was far cooler than I expected! The smoke made some really interesting patterns and the match head up close right as it ignited formed a really cool texture.